p1150483Hello dear reader.

I wonder how you’ve wandered up in here, I wonder are you aware of who led you here.

Were you escorted here by accident, by seemingly casual throw of Ascetic’s Dice?

Maybe luck brought you here as a set of good decisions which led you here as precise as paintbrush that strolls along Beholder’s Canvas.

Or did you make a conscious decision like the ones that entangles events in patterns similar to Patroon’s Web?

Could it be that you found a spell of my words which enchanted you to look what’s cooking inside of Sybil’s Kettle?

Was it maybe against your will by clicking a wrong button that led you to a trap made of Troll’s Twig?

Whatever it was I offer you what’s hung in my pot that swings over the fire inside of my imaginary cottage where I count stars wondering is this Earth of my dreams or some forsaken place we forgot about.

No matter what tides brought you to my shores I welcome you in hoping you can find something you like on my shelves of different potions that can cure a broken spirit that got tired of the indifferent world we live in. Sadly my shelves aren’t quite ready yet so you’ll have to push that subscribe button and leave me your whereabouts so I can inform you when new vials of my ancient medicine will be ready for safe consumption.

I don’t want you to choke on my misspelled words and misused phrases. Those will occur in my unpolished blog posts because my English skills are still being polished as my maternal words are being translated in understandable patterns.

Until that transformation is over I invite you in my blog forest and encourage you to come back when my sprigs of stories turn from twigs to trees that can offer shade of entertainment and pick for the soul.