Welcome to a new-found universe of possible outcomes.

Well when I say new-found, I mean new-found by you, my dear reader. I’ve been dwelling inside of this world realms for over twenty years now. You’re in luck I came in before you and set up safe passageways through this complicated universe so you can thread upon its bricks safe from bypasses that would leave you stranded.

Safe passageways became stories. Sometimes they are educational, but most of the time they are adventures, whether they take place on inner out the outer scenery. Hopefully, my personal choice of paths might be something new for you to consider, which might provide you something useful for a journey of your own through this realm we share.

We’re faced here with five different realms which are more similar than they seem. Each of them is still constructing itself and you’ll have to stay tuned in to find out when new directions are opening.

The realms grow one into each other in the following succession but you’re invited to come in through any door you find most suitable for your needs.

Details will be revealed in time but for now, I can assure you there will be goodies, adventures, and exploration of deep space, distant future and forgotten past…