If you trip over Troll’s Twig that means you’re in trouble. You probably activated one of many traps set up by various creatures in this world that is filled with magic-like rules. There is nothing enchanting about these rules, they are ruthless, soul-shattering and you must abide by them. In this world magic becomes reality, there’s no escaping its repercussions. There is no jury to argue before, police to call upon or rulers to depend on. If you’re trapped you’re left to your own devices and your flaws and decision will determine the outcome, your downfall will be your own.

Troll who resides in this world isn’t guiding you through your perils, he’s not even interested enough to observe your journey. But if you succeed, if your virtue out wages your flaws, he might come out of his hole and share some insight. If that happens you better listen to his words because he has some insight of the rules by which this fairy-tale world resides upon. After all, he is the one to pick up a twig from a broken trap after you’re gone and plant a tree that will remember your endeavor which enabled it to break free from the spell that kept it bare and unfruitful.

Troll’s Broken Traps:

Sleeping Prince (Uspavani princ)

is a story where princess is seeking for a sleeping prince, but marriage isn’t necessarily on her mind, or at least isn’t something to be gained at all costs. – A Sprig of Troll’s Twig

Dandelion Parachutes (Maslačkovi padobranci) 

follows one small fairy that once was human. She struggles with her wings for control. – A Sprig of Troll’s Twig