To be entangled into Patroon’s Web can go either way because Patroon himself isn’t interested in small destinies, for him people are pawns in greater game of constructing society. His intentions are positive, he struggles to find a model of society which isn’t too oppressive to its subjects, and at the same time isn’t a chaos of constant struggle.

We find him trapped under vast surveillance which he helps others to cheat on, but his ambition is even greater than he himself remembers.

This world you might call speculative fiction because here we deal with a world made by human’s decisions, shaped with technology, progress and mistakes of the past. We dive into different social structures but unlike Patroon we are interested in people trapped inside of the wast web even Patroon doesn’t control, because in this universe people are abandoned the sense of any greater power, they drive their own destiny. Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse.

Patroon is just trying to fill into the gap that absence of spirituality brought upon this universe and although he is generally uninterested in small destinies, if it doesn’t contradict his greater plan, he will try to help you out to find your heart’s desire.

Patroon’s Entangled Strings:

The Center for Energy Flux (Centar za energetski protok),

on pre-exodus Earth there is a murder and a murderer, but some victims are hidden from sight, and some murderers have agenda of their own. Serving as a detective on Orbital Ring Rondabout Max Rabbit will distinguish one from another. – An Excerpt from Patroon’s Web 3.4

The Right Alignment (Pravilan raspored),

is a story in which we meet Patroon himself. We face ourselves with a well organized planet Luton which is governed by rules that must be complied. Our protagonist has a desire of his own, it’s small but in a strict place like this small wishes are hard to come by. Luckily there is Patroon who knows how to get things in the right alignment. – An Excerpt from Patroon’s Web 3.5

To Lie Down Late (Lijegati kasno),

 is a story where we see Tessar’s Ghetto in its makings. We face divided society on new found planet that is divided by a prison. Our hero lives his life on the poor side of that prison where having a book is a felony, and reading is a crime. In this story I had fun with literary references, and the obvious one to my all time favorite Fahrenheit 451. – An Excerpt from Patroon’s Web 4.4

The Lost Writer (Izgubljeni pisac),

is a man who visits his place of birth, infamous Ghetto. This place is not what it seems, but if you were born to it other places can be dull and unreal. Inside of the Ghetto the rules are more than real, and breaking them has consequences. – An Excerpt from Patroon’s Web 4.5

The Bones Will Remember (Sjećanje u kostima),

is a story of two princesses in space on a space ship traveling among the stars trying to reach a new planet they’ll call Dentolyne. – An Excerpt from Patroon’s Web 5.4

No Shelter In Death,

one self-proclaimed prince of Earth is traveling towards Dentolyne. What he’ll find there isn’t what he was hoping for. –  An Excerpt from Patroon’s Web 5.5

The Sweater (Vesta),

happens on a planet Sonar that’s disconnected from its origins and its inhabitants lost their way. Babies are nowhere to be seen, men are hostile and inarticulate, women have their own ways of coping while grown, empty individuals pop up from time to time. Colonization doesn’t always go as planned. –  An Excerpt from Patroon’s Web 6.5

A Godly Weapon (Oruđe poslano od Boga),

is a short one page story that pictures meeting between Isabella, an unofficial ruler of Dentolyne, a former princess of Sintra and Trenk, a man which prided possession is his skilled mind. – An Excerpt from Patroon’s Web 7.6

A Cage in a Cage (Kavez u kavezu),

follows a woman who was abducted by aliens and entrapped on a distant planet New Etna. – An Excerpt from Patroon’s Web 7.4

Passage for the Wild (Prolaz za divljač),

the novel is following The White Bride and her journey across New Etna which we find divided by The-Wall-Which-Can-Not-Be-Crossed-Over. But of course it does. The battle between White and Black people, that aren’t really that black or that white, is a background for our heroines journey towards identity. – An Excerpt from Patroon’s Web 7.5