It’s dangerous to fall into Sybil’s Kettle because Sybil has her own ideas of what’s right, what’s wrong and how the world should look like. She looks at the world through her kettle and she will try to put spells, sell potions and send messages that will mess up your destiny in a direction she finds suitable.

The world she lives in is chaotic, it’s a mess where everyone tries to rule, where rulers are absentminded and where the land seems too small for real development of civilisation. There is hardly a greater scheme here, everyone is entangled in their own destinies and desires. You can say they are at mercy of magic because there are no greater society structures on which they can call for help and protection.

In this world, you’ll find dragons, witches, wizards, magic, castles and swords. You might argue that it’s a fantasy world but its struggle is always the same, the struggle between duty and desires, destiny and chance. Sybil will help one but hinder others which she finds foolish. But her victims and victors have a mind of their own and they will fight her as they try to master destiny to their own satisfaction.


Sybil’s Shelves of Enchanting Spells:

The Hearth of Lava 

Allirea was kidnapped by a dragon, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Bayani is off to save her, but for his own benefits, not for her wellbeing. – A Potion in Sybil’s Kettle

Out From Beneath Dragon’s Shadow (Izlazak iz zmajeve sjene),

as it title suggests it is a story that contains a dragon and a virgin. We land in a village in where one virgin can talk to earth and isn’t defenceless at all. – A Potion in Sybil’s Kettle