It’s tricky to depend upon Ascetic and her dices. When she makes her throw everything is uncertain, you might win or you might lose, she doesn’t control the outcome. Her powerlessness comes from her own gambit, her game of chance in which she lost severely. But in her defeat she turned against the wise man she followed her whole life and made another path, the one in which you don’t have to serve expectations of others.

If you follow her path you’ll never get all that you desire, but you might get something in between, something unexpected, unplanned, something that wasn’t in your cards when you began your journey. You’ll laugh, you’ll surely cry, you’ll even yell some, but when it all subsides you’ll find yourself content that you stepped on her path, because we all sometimes need surprises in our life times.

This is a primary world in which we begin. It’s a mainstream world of chance. There is no higher guidance, or higher power, our characters are left to their own devices to advance themselves in the world and they are at mercy of chance which sometimes grants them sort of a happy ending but with allot of sacrifices entwined. Only help they can hope for is for Ascetic to throw her dice and grant them an inner advice on where to step next in pivotal points of their lives.

Ascetic’s Tosses and Turns:

A Blunt Knife (Tup nož)

 story of a huntress without breasts dealing with absence of a child of her own. – A Throw of Ascetic’s Dice

Triana on the Stage (Triana na daskama),

is a story where we play with theater, writing and acting. It follows two heroines, one who is writing for theater, and other who the play is about. First one is having fun getting an inspiration, while later is suffering her way through life. – A Throw of Ascetic’s Dice

A Voice of My Own (Vlastiti glas),

is one of stories about identity and sexuality. It follows a heroine who is getting out of her closet as gay on one party with her gang. – A Throw of Ascetic’s Dice

A Smile a Day (Smiješak dnevno),

is a story about African woman and her life while he tries to find her way through wilderness. – A Throw of Ascetic’s Dice

The Blood on the Sand (Krv i pijesak),

is a story about a heroine who isn’t what she seems while a demon is lurking behind her eyes. – A Throw of Ascetic’s Dice