Riva Zmajoki, Sitting on a Rock, Thinking on

In this world that would be me, Riva Zmajoki.

Sometimes authors perceive themselves, or they are perceived as deities of their worlds, creators, but I prefer to see myself as an observer, a notary of worlds that reside inside of my dreams.

If you’re wondering who I am, I landed, or was born, in this world in a small European country Croatia. It’s a nice country to be born in. It has a beautiful sea, majestic mountains and deep forests. It’s a good place to be born in if you want to dive deep into mystic of nature and fiction. With its slow pace and people who are at the same time calm and temperamental I had a time to develop my thought, to navigate through this world of meaning and find my own voice, to express what lied upon my young heart.

What lied there was a desire to understand people, to understand sanity and insanity, to find a recipe for happiness. I must say that I… well I didn’t fail completely, I’ve just matured enough to realize that happiness is hollow if you don’t learn how to express your anger and your sorrows. That being a complete human being is more favorable than being always sunny and shining face that tries to bestow happiness where is bitterness too deep to comprehend, the one you need to cry out to make place for tranquility.

I’m not at tranquility yet, I’m still washing myself from within, but I discovered that there is no need for me to wait for much longer, to postpone my call to the outside world. I don’t need to become my perfect self to offer those around me insights that helped me on my way, to offer my perspectives on possibilities this world offers.

Possibilities. That is the word I was looking for, the one that could define my writing. For I’ve been writing for twenty years now trying to catch glimpse of what I want to say to the world. I published some of those words in Croatian in passed decade but I wrote much more than got to get out. In those years I’ve polished my craft of words, even more so I’ve discovered that using another language is like opening a new set of rules and worlds to play with.

That’s how, without my conscious intent, I’ve developed a universe of possibilities, of different kind of societies, of certain kind of futures our decisions could make. It’s a complete universe with dates, times, history and maps. It’s complex and fun, serious and ludicrous. Like me, and my country of origin, it’s full of opposites but I hope some of you will find it intriguing enough to explore.

If you’re the one to stick around to the end of this attempt to catch myself (for more concrete identification of myself I’ll need to dwell some more on the topic) hit subscribe to find out when my universe will launch into English-speaking hall of fiction and take a peek to my blog collection. Who knows, maybe there is already written out what you came here to find.

Best of luck

Riva Zmajoki, sitting in a chair, writing on.