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Being Neo or Twitter Effect

Managing social accounts proved to be entertaining as much as educational for me. For not really social person (at least till now) I expected of myself to hate it. It turned out differently, I surprised myself as I often do… Continue Reading →

A Change in my Perspective

Reading your favourite childhood stories as an adult has its side effects. Being able to vividly recollect different stories I read through the years (maybe even better than my everyday events) I didn’t often read books more than once. Only… Continue Reading →

The Truth is Out There or Is There a Truth at All

Watching new X Files made me stay up all night. Why? Because of nostalgia? No. Because it has woken up my brain cells. There were many conspiracy series and movies since X Files and I watched many of them. So… Continue Reading →


About too many non-white non-male characters in fiction. Researching marketing to prepare myself for scoping out a path for new turn in my writing (switching to English wasn’t in my plans it sort of just happened) I’ve come across to… Continue Reading →

Fear and Anticipation in Zagreb

Waiting for the world to respond expecting of it to stay quiet. That’s the current state of things. Feeling like I’m too old and too young at the same time. Wondering what I have to offer that’s uniquely mine. Fear… Continue Reading →

A Blank Page

The terrifying sight of that empty page that every writer have to face is in fact the thing that makes writing possible. Without it we could only read what is already been written of the world. When we’re faced with… Continue Reading →

Less Than Original

Comparison of my own writing to new trends Changing perspectives has become one of my distinguishing features, the thing that defines my writing style. Changing genres aside, playing with different points of view is something that is permanent in my… Continue Reading →

Fan-fic as a Woman’s View

Musings about difference between “male” perspective and “feminine” one, to put it to terms that are common, not to suggest real division between men and women, that line is to blurred to be argued. Recently I came across an article… Continue Reading →

Mary Sue in Real Life

Disclaimer: this is an article about fiction, and how the lack of perspective in tales influences real life robbing us of ability to express ourselves, not about diminishing real abuse victims experience. If it sounds like it, I’m sorry, it’s… Continue Reading →

From Artsy to Storyteller

Or of writing to show and tell, and writing as painting it vividly with bright colors… hm, maybe from storyteller’s view. It’s a piece that describes my journey towards editing my works rather than just admiring their awesomeness 🙂 Browsing… Continue Reading →

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