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If it Happened Once, It Will Happen Again

To use an abuse coded language on extraterrestrial life is lame, but the argument stands. If life happened once, it will happen again. If anything is true of nature then it is its repeating and reusing patterns. The life is… Continue Reading →

Gay Characters

Why is it so that as soon as any character is announced to be gay is instantly reduced on its sexuality? Nothing that character does outside its sexuality isn’t important anymore. More so, why there is instantly usage of caricatured… Continue Reading →

What to Write?

I would liked to know the answer to that question. But maybe that’s the wrong question. Maybe it’s a trap within itself. I know that most of my characters would fall off the chart if that question was answered. But… Continue Reading →

Uncharacteristic Forwardness

There’s a kind of honesty that comes from thinking in foreign language. The letters preoccupy your attention and the gut comes spilling out. Or maybe it’s just different set of thoughts that haunt me in different languages. In English I… Continue Reading →

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