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A Change in my Perspective

Reading your favourite childhood stories as an adult has its side effects. Being able to vividly recollect different stories I read through the years (maybe even better than my everyday events) I didn’t often read books more than once. Only… Continue Reading →


About too many non-white non-male characters in fiction. Researching marketing to prepare myself for scoping out a path for new turn in my writing (switching to English wasn’t in my plans it sort of just happened) I’ve come across to… Continue Reading →

Fan-fic as a Woman’s View

Musings about difference between “male” perspective and “feminine” one, to put it to terms that are common, not to suggest real division between men and women, that line is to blurred to be argued. Recently I came across an article… Continue Reading →

A Trigger Warning for Books

I really think they could put some, somewhere on the covers, like in movies, a little sign that prevents women in ending up in the middle of graphic description of abuse. I mean I read books for pleasure, for entertainment,… Continue Reading →

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