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Toxic Masculinity

About troubles of being a man Toxic masculinity is a concept I’ve came across in a very insightful article that explains why Teen Wolf is awesome. They don’t suffer from that kind of poisoning there. The spoken article (or a… Continue Reading →

A Moffat Dream

I had a Moffat dream. No, not the dirty kind, just the writing nightmare kind. I sat beside him and we watched Doctor Who preview together. I just pondered how will I present myself to him, me and my writing…. Continue Reading →


About too many non-white non-male characters in fiction. Researching marketing to prepare myself for scoping out a path for new turn in my writing (switching to English wasn’t in my plans it sort of just happened) I’ve come across to… Continue Reading →

A Blank Page

The terrifying sight of that empty page that every writer have to face is in fact the thing that makes writing possible. Without it we could only read what is already been written of the world. When we’re faced with… Continue Reading →

Less Than Original

Comparison of my own writing to new trends Changing perspectives has become one of my distinguishing features, the thing that defines my writing style. Changing genres aside, playing with different points of view is something that is permanent in my… Continue Reading →

Fan-fic as a Woman’s View

Musings about difference between “male” perspective and “feminine” one, to put it to terms that are common, not to suggest real division between men and women, that line is to blurred to be argued. Recently I came across an article… Continue Reading →

A Trigger Warning for Books

I really think they could put some, somewhere on the covers, like in movies, a little sign that prevents women in ending up in the middle of graphic description of abuse. I mean I read books for pleasure, for entertainment,… Continue Reading →

On the Precipice of War

Of borders, mobility, equality and fear. Question of refugees and economical migrants (how most are calling them) that move along with them across old continents rises questions of equality, right to travel, fear of invasion, conspiracy theories that are so… Continue Reading →

A Short Update

I wrote today. I wrote allot. I usually write but I wrote today almost the whole day through. I love when that happens. Especially because I’m at home surrounded by chores and children. And my house isn’t messy, I’ve finally… Continue Reading →

Choose to Change

Rant of choosing and deciding that something else chooses for us. It goes into gay marriage and refugees crisis, which is acute in my parts of the world, but only as a example. The choice is the thing that is… Continue Reading →

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