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Being a Philosopher

Since I was a child I was writing and reading, and making up stories even before I knew how to write them down. I entered a high school for secretaries to learn to type fast enough so I can catch… Continue Reading →

If I Never Failed

If I never failed I would be a much different person on a different path. But more specifically I wouldn’t be here, now and me. If I never failed I doubt I would write. I would probably be a dancer…. Continue Reading →

Inclusive or Exclusive?

Or why do I let gay characters in my stories. Growing up in an all-white, all-Christian, mostly Catholic, society which is still well embedded in patriarchy mould. Where wars are waged by religious differences, like: they don’t honour Pope, we… Continue Reading →

Being Treated Like a Woman, Part Two

Growing up in nineties, as a skinny, tall girl with a pretty face, wasn’t as glamorous as you might expect these days. It seems like I’m in a generation that is on some sort of breaking point. I was in… Continue Reading →


About too many non-white non-male characters in fiction. Researching marketing to prepare myself for scoping out a path for new turn in my writing (switching to English wasn’t in my plans it sort of just happened) I’ve come across to… Continue Reading →

Fear and Anticipation in Zagreb

Waiting for the world to respond expecting of it to stay quiet. That’s the current state of things. Feeling like I’m too old and too young at the same time. Wondering what I have to offer that’s uniquely mine. Fear… Continue Reading →

Less Than Original

Comparison of my own writing to new trends Changing perspectives has become one of my distinguishing features, the thing that defines my writing style. Changing genres aside, playing with different points of view is something that is permanent in my… Continue Reading →

Fan-fic as a Woman’s View

Musings about difference between “male” perspective and “feminine” one, to put it to terms that are common, not to suggest real division between men and women, that line is to blurred to be argued. Recently I came across an article… Continue Reading →

Being Treated Like a Woman Part One

Of being hit on, against to seduce. And some of anti-gay referendum of ours (that is in small country of mine). I’ve been lately engaged in discussions about gay-rights, gay-people, gay-agenda and horrific world that agenda will bestow upon us… Continue Reading →

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