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Being a Writer

Browsing around internet searching for pointers about building your image as a writer brought me to an opinion that we should sell ourselves as people that we should say our why. Why do we write? Why do I write? What’s… Continue Reading →

Being a Philosopher

Since I was a child I was writing and reading, and making up stories even before I knew how to write them down. I entered a high school for secretaries to learn to type fast enough so I can catch… Continue Reading →

If I Never Failed

If I never failed I would be a much different person on a different path. But more specifically I wouldn’t be here, now and me. If I never failed I doubt I would write. I would probably be a dancer…. Continue Reading →

Being Neo or Twitter Effect

Managing social accounts proved to be entertaining as much as educational for me. For not really social person (at least till now) I expected of myself to hate it. It turned out differently, I surprised myself as I often do… Continue Reading →

Inclusive or Exclusive?

Or why do I let gay characters in my stories. Growing up in an all-white, all-Christian, mostly Catholic, society which is still well embedded in patriarchy mould. Where wars are waged by religious differences, like: they don’t honour Pope, we… Continue Reading →

The Truth is Out There or Is There a Truth at All

Watching new X Files made me stay up all night. Why? Because of nostalgia? No. Because it has woken up my brain cells. There were many conspiracy series and movies since X Files and I watched many of them. So… Continue Reading →

Toxic Masculinity

About troubles of being a man Toxic masculinity is a concept I’ve came across in a very insightful article that explains why Teen Wolf is awesome. They don’t suffer from that kind of poisoning there. The spoken article (or a… Continue Reading →

A Moffat Dream

I had a Moffat dream. No, not the dirty kind, just the writing nightmare kind. I sat beside him and we watched Doctor Who preview together. I just pondered how will I present myself to him, me and my writing…. Continue Reading →

Tattoo Written on Air

What is a name but a tattoo written on air? A mark that enhances every time someone exhales breath of their lungs on it. As silly it may sound but its a tattoo of its own more visible than an… Continue Reading →

Being Treated Like a Woman, Part Two

Growing up in nineties, as a skinny, tall girl with a pretty face, wasn’t as glamorous as you might expect these days. It seems like I’m in a generation that is on some sort of breaking point. I was in… Continue Reading →

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