The life inside of Beholder’s paintings is a struggle, there is allot of pain which our characters try to work through, but they aren’t alone on their journey. Beholder is there watching them, painting them safe paths to surpass great dangers. When they are in need he opens up the portal and lets them into different dimensions that enables them to see solutions they would never find on ordinary paths of life. That allows them to grow and overcome their difficulties, to mature emotionally.

In our world you could call it a world of magic realism but Beholder’s Canvas might be better for finding your way and finding answers than a counselling couch.

Swift Strokes of Beholder’s Brush:

Lasagna for a Name (Lazanje za ime), 

another story of identity and sexuality, this time about a man who managed to lose his name completely. – A Painting on Beholder’s Canvas

The Closet (Ormar),

 my first ever published story is what it seems from the title. It’s a story of a middle aged gay man who dies and is confronted with his life choices. But there is hope, even in death. – A Painting on Beholder’s Canvas

The Long Voyage (Duga plovidba), 

follows two lost wanderers who in void of space are in search for meaning, instead they find each other. – A Painting on Beholder’s Canvas

The Key (Ključ),

is one of the first stories I ever envisioned (along with The Bones Will Remember so it is fun that they will tie in later on). We follow the first colonial expedition, or its last surviving member Susanne. The mission didn’t go as planned and all other passengers died. Our heroine is facing insanity or enlightenment, you never can be sure which. – A Painting on Beholder’s Canvas