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If it Happened Once, It Will Happen Again

To use an abuse coded language on extraterrestrial life is lame, but the argument stands. If life happened once, it will happen again. If anything is true of nature then it is its repeating and reusing patterns. The life is… Continue Reading →

Why I love Victor Frankenstein (2015.) and why it flopped so hard?

After rewatching Victor Frankenstein for the fifth time I could recount some things that could be made better, but it took me five watches to notice anything to improve the movie. The rewatching wasn’t made for the purpose of finding… Continue Reading →


I didn’t choose this path, the path chose me. Once, my partner and I went out kayaking. We kayaked in our two seated kayak around the island and we caught what we called a Naze-O-Mania. We paddled towards the next… Continue Reading →

Where are all the Eskimos in Space?

That’s the variation of the question I’ve asked myself since childhood. My favourite genre was Sci-Fi, and watching Star Trek was a joy but it always bugged me why were they all so white. For me, it seemed that in… Continue Reading →

The World is Not Going to End

Telling people that the world is going to end, if we don’t take measures and stop our polluting and disruptive actions, is not working. The reason for that is simple. Religion. Not in the way you might think, like religious… Continue Reading →

The Lack of a Mirror

Writing a Cover Letter proved to be a challenge, which I rather like. It appeals to a philosopher in me because it asks the most basic of questions. Who am I? Why do I do what I do? What is… Continue Reading →

Wearing a Woman

It’s somehow embarrassing to think about gender so late in my life, but it’s not surprising. Gender never fazed me really, it just seemed like a made-up game, which it still do, but I never really questioned my own gender… Continue Reading →

Riveting Destiny

It’s strange really how destiny feels tangible at times and absent at other moments. It feels like destiny lately how my life unfolds but I remember it clearly how I got here how my choices shaped my world in a … Continue Reading →

Fan-Fiction: A Woman’s Revenge

So, dear men and women giving us beautiful, fun masterpieces full of men, with one, maybe two women as a decoration in the middle, passing tests in making those two women exchange a line about their clothes, you can vouch… Continue Reading →

Ageism in Xena’s skirt

Or some young girl will run around in Xena’s skirt. This is the time when women in their late twenties show up on cougar lists. Ageism isn’t a thing reserved only for Hollywood benches. It’s a universal thing. It’s rooted… Continue Reading →

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