To use an abuse coded language on extraterrestrial life is lame, but the argument stands. If life happened once, it will happen again. If anything is true of nature then it is its repeating and reusing patterns.

The life is vastly complicated and most unlikely event, but it happened once, it will occur again.

Uniqueness is the way we humans like to think about ourselves, but there are a billion versions of ourselves all around the planet in many different variations. To think intelligence will going to be inherited only among ones like us is just plain… unlikely.

I do apologize for using a bait phrase, but it baited me here too, and for the abuse, I tend to agree, things we do, we tend to do again. To break free from a habit asks for many years of retraining the mind and finding your path. So to conclude, there are probably aliens out there, or there were, or there will be, and if anyone is bad to you it’s probably a habit that isn’t your responsibility to break but is a challenge to break free from. There are life forms around you, look around, find a better specimen.

Best of luck in search of aliens and good people.