That’s the variation of the question I’ve asked myself since childhood. My favourite genre was Sci-Fi, and watching Star Trek was a joy but it always bugged me why were they all so white.

For me, it seemed that in the distant future of space travel people should be much more mobile and interconnected. It would mean that most of the races mingled, that there were much more shades of colour, that more people are mixed race than pure colours.

Lately, I realised that it would be true for highly technological society with a focus on expansion, but what if some people decided to preserve their culture and beliefs, to stay enclosed and connected with their past.

The question is where are all the specific groups if the universe stayed divided by race. Where are Eskimos in space, where are Aborigines, where are Filipinos? Wouldn’t their cultures produce some heroes, some explorers? We have diversity in space program today, then why paint future white with few dashes of colour to make ourselves feel better.

This question of race and culture isn’t the one I expected to have on my table, but here it is. In a version of space exploration where people decided to keep their cultures white supremacy shouldn’t be the model anymore, other people have their stories too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from qualified from presenting all those cultures truthfully and fully, but I can paint what I know, few rebels and outcasts who do things differently. Probably I’ll offend someone but here it goes. The Hearth of Lava will be available on Kindle since 10. of July. Diversity is probably the word, but all misinterpretations will be blamed on the future, the time did pass and things have changed.

The Eskimos are yet to tell me their story in space but until that, I present to you Aborigines and Filipinos facing dragons.