Telling people that the world is going to end, if we don’t take measures and stop our polluting and disruptive actions, is not working. The reason for that is simple. Religion.

Not in the way you might think, like religious influence, but the more substantial thing that even non-so-religious people share.

Every religion has a story of a better afterlife, and even though it might be comforting for the living and make people endure hardships, basically makes people fearless, careless and aimless. If this world is just a pass time for a better one you won’t value your life as much, won’t try to make it better.

On top of that, there is a story of the end of the world when all the pain will stop when all the good will receive their reward, and all the wicked get their punishment. There’s nothing to do really but wait because everything is out of our hands, we can’t influence will the world end today or tomorrow, no one knows when the judgment day will come to pass. We can’t even influence will we be punished or rewarded. We can just do the best we can never know is our best good enough.

It’s really exhausting doing good without any reward, following outer rules not sure do we get them right. That’s why the end of the world doesn’t sound so bad. We’ll finally see did we win or did we lose on the heavenly lottery of goodness.

More so, its satisfying to know that the world won’t spin on when we’re gone.

That’s why it’s futile to tell people that the world is going to end.

Tell them instead that it will spin on. Without them. Our better yet, that they’ll still be here, forced to endure all the consequences of not only their deeds, but deeds of men with power, or better yet, of nameless structures, of labels and brands.

Sooner or later we’ll have to step up and change course, I would like it to be sooner because at very young age I envisioned Earth spinning on without us, like it will, no matter what we do now, and it saddened me.

It’s more likely it will be later though because people are stuck to old visions and no matter how outdated they are, most people will probably wait for the doors of hell to open to the moment their discomfort becomes greater than their indifference.