Writing a Cover Letter proved to be a challenge, which I rather like. It appeals to a philosopher in me because it asks the most basic of questions. Who am I? Why do I do what I do? What is my life about? What is my writing about.

As a writer who invested so much time in understanding characters and places, I wasn’t really in the focus. I did try to define myself, but without a proper mirror, I eluded myself. That’s why writing a cover letter proved to be a mercurial task for me.

I wrote so many versions of a cover letter so far that it could be a small novel. There is so many things cover letter should cover, but so little space. Just a page or two to sum up a value of a life and a life of writing. But I think it is a worthy task because it brings focus and demands clarity.

As so far I’ve basically changed my gender, marital status and plans for future. I wrote a six hundred pages of solid action, redefined my life, my past and my personality, but the cover letter is still to be conquered.

It’s because when I tell the story of my novel, there’s no room for the story of me. When I tell the story of my broader universe, there’s no space for the story of my characters. When I specify my gender queerness and define my novel by numbers, categories and genre, there’s no time to tell about how great and fun it all is to experience.

I guess I’ll have to cut my story short and as always write various possibilities. I’ll compose my different stories and send out different versions, and wish them well. After all, I need just of one of them to gave out sprouts.