So, dear men and women giving us beautiful, fun masterpieces full of men, with one, maybe two women as a decoration in the middle, passing tests in making those two women exchange a line about their clothes, you can vouch as much as you like that your male protagonists, who engage in funny, witty and cranky conversations only with their fellow men protagonists and antagonists, aren’t gay, we are just not listening.

Surviving in a male cinematic world what is a girl to do but to make up a good romance for herself?

Finding out that most of Fan-Fiction writers are indeed women was somewhat of a relief for me, because my obsession with good gay romances hidden in plain sight seemed less curious, less weird, and I stopped at that knowing there are women, and probably beautiful queer people, who feel as strongly about those hidden romances as much as I do.

Watching obsessively different variations of YouTube videos with a song If you were gay, and I’m not gay, not caring what pairing is on screen, the one I support or don’t, I realized that Fan-Fiction is even more of a rebellion than I was aware of.

Faced with good “male” movies, with fun plots and adventure, but lacking that small woman’s touch of a good romance, we got by by making alternative hidden scenes where those strong, bulky, controlled men are in love with each other, and not that lame girl with three lines, no chemistry or character which only shows up to be saved this way or another.

Men doing those movies and shows, actors and writers alike, are flattered, uncomfortable and confused at the same time trying to capitalize on that obsession of ours, in the same time constantly sticking to their vision that there’s nothing gay about what they are doing.

Maybe it’s true and all those are just good pals going about their business having good, exciting affairs and relationships with women outside of our sight, but that’s just a Fan-Fiction as much is our alternative scenes.

You see, I think that women, and men, and everyone in between, who love a good romance, like it to be supported with a good story. But having just chick-flicks where everything revolves around finding a man, and man’s world where everything revolves around men… well being real men, it’s easier to write in a good solid romance with steaming effects than to write opinion, character, greater life purpose in a chick flick.

In the end, besides realizing that I’m, like a person who seed faces in every ink-blot they face, I’m reading romance into every story I meet, Fan-Fiction is a kind of a revenge. If you are men having a good time, not bothering to find enough females with brains and functioning mouth dressed as a human being to join your crew, we’ll just make you gay. Because hey in real life even gay men are enjoying witty female company, so what’s up with you big screen? You’re afraid we’ll get periodical on you?