There’s underlying scary prospects of reality. Reality is the thing through which we measure our sanity. But on the matter of what exactly is real we can only suspect  but never truly know.

Our opinion of what is reality changes like fashion and with it, just like standards of beauty, standards of sanity change too. The prospects of ending up on the wrong gate of insanity asylum  are truly frightening to me. Some of most scary films of my youth were the ones in which strong willed women would end up electroshocked into submission.

Today there are pills of all kinds threating mood swings and emotions. That is still a scary enough.

But for the reality sake there are different realities in which we can be villains, saints, heroes and devils with same kind of behavior. We stay the same, do the same but as reality around us changes our role changes. There is no need for us to see ourselves differently, to perceive our actions as bad. If there is a consensus about what reality is we are judged as it was the truth. There is no need for reality to change or for us to know what the reality is, we can’t know that ever anyway, we just need to adjust our world view to look at the world with new way of assessing what’s good and favorable in this brand new world.

But because we can never know for certain what is the ultimate reality we are always discussing what are right kind of rules and values by which set of laws is our world governed. And that creates all kinds of conflicts even wars are waged over the question of reality. In peaceful situation people are coexisting side by side not even knowing they aren’t inhabiting the same kind of universe. And that those different kinds of beliefs makes us make different kind of decisions.

Luckily most commonly we advertise our beliefs trying to sell them. That’s how we know by which set of rules people are living just by declaring ourselves as a part of a group.

Most of the time we ignore each other living our daily lives. But when war inflames us those beliefs on the nature of reality comes to our aid painting those who oppose us as devils and demons, the ones which we are free to kill and enslave.

It sounds radical but that’s the underline of any conflict, big or small. The ability to believe on the eternal outcome of reality on which we can’t ever be sure. But it’s more dreading to face an unknown universe to which we don’t know rules than to defend the one that brings favor to our ways and agendas.