star-wars-vader-vs-obi-wanMy favourite reads were always sagas and I hated when they would end because even when we end the story life goes on. In a sense I think that our characters have a life of their own it spans beyond borders of the story we decided to write. But as a writer I never expected of myself to write a saga and it’s a real wonder and pleasure to discover that I will, that I’m writing it for years without realizing it.

But characters in my saga, as villains do too, follow that feel of an anti-hero. No one is only good or bad. That takes me to the point.

Reality is never one sided.

Perspective is everything and, as people in reality, our characters have the story of their own and they have reasons for their actions. It’s up to writer to interpret it and present to readers as good, bad or neutral. The perspective is seen through writer’s eyes and on that understanding character’s point of view depends how well we’ll understand character’s actions.

It often happens that even if the writers understand their characters poorly, or just doesn’t like them, there is some sense of reality to the story that remains between lines. More so even when writers focus on something else you can find understanding of fictional characters outside writers perspective. Because there is something very real in writing. Even in fiction I find that in writing we’re just archives of events, not gods that control and fabricate them. That’s how fiction has a life of its own even after is finished.

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Here’s where the difference between movie and book Hobbit can be explored. In the book characters are mocked at, their goals are ridiculous, their means poor. In the movie they are full pledged heroes and the mockery of the original can be felt only in portraying greediness of Lake Town people. In both instances events are the same but focus and perspective are different. Maybe because actors playing Thorin, Bilbo and other dwarves channeled them so well we could see their perspective or the director gave everyone room for displaying themselves. The dwarves weren’t just a number they had voices. It turned a good satire into a hero’s journey without altering events… much.

So what’s my point here? When you’re writing a story beware because characters that you are writing aren’t you, they have a perspective of their own, try to listen to it without prejudice because today’s hero is yesterday’s villain.

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