One fine day I sat in a cage in our ZOO and wrote some.

Browsing around internet searching for pointers about building your image as a writer brought me to an opinion that we should sell ourselves as people that we should say our why. Why do we write? Why do I write? What’s my cause?

But that there is a problem for me. I’m not sure really why I write. I just do. Pure thrill of writing is enough for me to press on.

Maybe I could say that I write because it’s fun. But you don’t sit in your room and write for twenty years with spars and rare payment just for kicks.

Although for me writing is fun in all its aspects (except when writing for someone else on demand) there is a deeper layer to it. You can call it obsessive behavior but while writing I did other things, got my philosophy degree, got my children and tasks that go with them. And other smaller things and tasks.

But writing persisted. My characters were always there ready when I would get back to pick them up.

Maybe I gave myself so much time in developing my fictionverse because I wanted to see what do I have to say that’s uniquely mine. That’s why I gave myself so much time in deciding who am I and what do I have to give to the world. I wasn’t interested in joining writing groups and courses because I didn’t want to learn how it is done, I wanted to do it myself and see what will develop from it.

And it developed into something readable and fun. Because I’m not really disconnected from the world I live in and I do read and watch my writing isn’t something extraordinary and exceptional. It’s a straightforward story with a plot development and a resolution with action and romance. Nothing that should hang on the art gallery wall. Probably nothing that would win on a writing competition. But that’s because of me, because I’m nothing special. And it’s a good thing.

I don't have to be special to be read and listened. My stories don't have to be the best thing you've ever red. Click To Tweet

I don’t have to be special to be read and listened. My stories don’t have to be the best thing you’ve ever red. But they will take you on a journey you might remember for years to come.

In the end I’ve discovered what is unique in my writing style, what’s unique about me. It’s my perspective. My unique point of view. The like of which all of you have without even noticing it. And that’s what I bring to the table, my perspective.

I’ll take you on a journey to distant places but not to see the strange and different world but to experience it through new set of eyes, to see how it is to be someone else not just somewhere else.

That links to my philosophical mussing’s about the one true nature of things. Of which we can never sure about anything. We can believe, hope, argue but it’s never sure is there anything supremely real and if it does what is its nature. That’s how I ended up with a perspective as the thing we can understand, achieve, comprehend. From that position writing is the best way for playing with models of reality and moral values. That’s why on my pages you’ll meet people struggling to get a grip on their reality and even the divine being will be presented just as one more perspective on things in which we can try to muster what would hers/his/its perspective be.

Again I end up in deeper layers of thought but that is me before you always thinking ahead and beyond.