Writing fan-fiction is a hobby of mine, I relax from my own writing doing it. You might notice that I enjoy writing enough to take a break from writing by writing. But writing fan-fiction became more than just fun for me, I take my writing quite passionately. So here is an argument for exercising your art through more popular form of self-expression. Warning: not for those too serious about their craft.

  1. Because you’re free to write as bad as you can. It’s really not expected of you to be good at writing. People don’t come in for good writing, you’re not the star of the show. They come to see the characters they love some more. Even if you suck they’ll stay around and cheer for you for selfish reasons, to get their characters move and speak in the direction they want them to. Most reviewed stories aren’t the best written ones but most outrageous ones.
  2. Because you’re free to write as much as you can. In fact you’re encouraged to do so. Because as long as you can write the story goes on, characters go on. And people are invested in those worlds, they are hooked and starving for more.
  3. Because you’re able to address in detail points of the story that interest you the most. It doesn’t matter if that is endless string of breakfasts, constant fighting or love scene one after another.
  4. Because you don’t need to be profitable. This point counts in more than one way. In matter of honoring dead lines. Paying your bills. Or to be liked by your audience enough to buy your work.
  5. Because you don’t have to think of targeted audience. Choose your ranking and write away. Audience is unseen and unpredictable anyway. And they came from all around the world sharing with you only a fiction-verse you all like.
  6. Because you don’t have to be proper. In fact you’re encouraged not to be.
  7. Because you can end at anytime. Literally in mid sentence. And most people do just that. They lose their muse, get distracted, change fandom, get a job, graduate. Whatever life brings. And their story is left there open still read and ready to take off again at anytime.
  8. Because you have readers that are already invested in characters. This can’t be said enough. It’s a cheat really. You don’t have to come up with engaging and lovable characters they are already there. You can just write lines and people will see them speak, usually in a voice of star actors you should write for years before making them saying your lines.
  9. Because you don’t have to build a world from scratch. Building up a believable world takes years or an impressive think tank on a payroll that allows them to focus on details, or years sitting by your desk waiting for details to appear. Entering the one that is already constructed with established rules makes it more of a playground than hard work so play away.