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Managing social accounts proved to be entertaining as much as educational for me.

For not really social person (at least till now) I expected of myself to hate it. It turned out differently, I surprised myself as I often do (even thinking of myself as withdrawn person proved to be wrong).

At this point in time I didn’t excel at it but for me even enjoying myself is a success.

What struck me while venturing to building up author platform was all the vanity I’ve encountered, in myself.

That’s probably the part of being an author or an artist. You need to believe in what you do to be able to submit to it  even when everyone is telling you to turn another way, that you’ll get lost this way.

You need to believe in what you do to submit to it. Click To Tweet

But when you’re, like me, pushing your agenda despite low odds and no success to show for yourself, it’s probably a surviving tactic.

So being faced with twitter followers I kind of expected to gain them by being awesome.

system-failureAnd that’s what I did. Tweeted my random thoughts thinking that what twitter was all about, presenting yourself. Of course nothing happened. At the time I had nothing to sell so it was fine. I was still in my safe place creating, not sure what yet, but surely something grand.

When I finally created something I could sell I turned back to twitter.

I’ve adjusted my profile and followers came along. I discovered follow back rule, retweeting, mentioning and just talking, acting as a person in a conversation. You wouldn’t think of being the only one that talks in any real life conversation, yet on internet it’s easy to act as a one man show self promoting away.

Faced with my growing tweeter feed I came to recognize my own vanity, feeling that what I do is exceptional. So many authors with flashing covers, interviews, reviews, all tweeting how awesome and exciting their novels are. And they look interesting enough. It made me laugh at myself for indulging the thoughts which assumed followers will roll along, I should have been wiser by now, but my stories have that impact on me. I assume that people will love them as much as I do.

But twitter showed me that I’m not alone in my vanity. It’s a relief really that I’m not Neo the Chosen One. There are others traveling alongside me and they also are trying to reach their goal, find audience tell their tales. And that’s fine. I believe there’s room for all of us. We can’t all be Rowling or Meyer but I think that’s for the best. There are different kinds of stories waiting to be heard because we’re different, our paths, experience and worldviews are different. Sometimes so much that we speak foreign languages even if we’re using the same one. But if we tell our stories often enough maybe we’ll translate meaning to realize that we’re all human.

And that’s twitter effect for me. Realization that we are not Neo, all alone against the universe, but travelers that are taking twitter train hoping to get somewhere new.

We're travelers that are taking twitter train hoping to get somewhere new. Click To Tweet