I had a Moffat dream. No, not the dirty kind, just the writing nightmare kind.

I sat beside him and we watched Doctor Who preview together. I just pondered how will I present myself to him, me and my writing. I even remembered how I got my business card with me, when my son started to run around, shout and make a havoc. I ran after him thinking how we’re ruining the preview, how I look unimpressed by the episode, how I can’t speak to him now.

Then my son and his were on the top of a steep cliff and we yelled at them not to go down awfully long ladder and that we’ll call Paw Patrol to get them (you guess as I slept my sleepless son watched Paw Patrol beside me).

I think it was even worse than when I dreamed about Russel T Davis running beside me just to find out my mother knows him when he was already gone.

This sleep deprivation is getting to me, I really hope my son will sleep through the night soon.

Do you dream your favorite writers as they walk pass you, not able to voice out yourself to them?