What is a name but a tattoo written on air? A mark that enhances every time someone exhales breath of their lungs on it.

As silly it may sound but its a tattoo of its own more visible than an ink tattoo on someones face, because you can see it even when you don’t know what does the face behind that tattoo looks like. Its the thing we encounter even when we never meet the person behind it. And it’s the only thing standing on a book cover beside its title.

You can’t tell me that it isn’t important how it looks like.

For a writer especially. Because it’s a short story of its own, and the one that is reoccurring theme that shows up on every cover that we make.

People look at that tattoo written on air and it’s often the only thing they can navigate by. That’s why so many adjust that tattoo to correspond with goals they set for themselves.

So I’ll march on bravely hoping that my air tattoo is sufficient enough to represent me.