Waiting for the world to respond expecting of it to stay quiet. That’s the current state of things. Feeling like I’m too old and too young at the same time. Wondering what I have to offer that’s uniquely mine.

Fear is swirling below but it’s okay. It’s okay as long as it stays down below. Where all good beasts should stay. Away from the barrel of the hunter’s gun. Or the electric shock of the future men, before the Doctor can save them from the pain fear infuses in us.

The_Beast_BelowBut I strayed from the path mentioning beast below. That’s the trigger word for you. It leads to world of connections between fictional characters that took residence in our head.

But fear is swirling below and it’s fine until it drives my ship forward towards unknown future full of anticipation. There I go doing it again. Maybe I shouldn’t look at future with fear but to see it through Doctor’s eyes. Maybe to see River again from the spring to the sea of tears, or from the Library to the fields of Trenzalore.

That always reminds me of my goal, to make people cry and laugh at the same time. That’s tough one, but I love a good challenge. Wathcing others already doing it well makes me want to be better, write some more.

Maybe I should leave fear and anticipation to swirl down below on their own and make series of post indulging into my favorite series and books…

The Doctor should be the place to begin 🙂 If not that, a story of River began to unwind in the back of my head, just how did her professor years look like, or the ones with the Time Agency…river-song