Ok, Zygon episodes are filmed months ago. But did you notice the striking coinciding with recent events. A huge mass of infiltrated immigrants whose are try to blend in, and start a new life as part of our society and handful of them that are trying to make them visible and provoke violence against tThe_Zygon_Invasionhem to provoke every immigrant to get violent and hostile?

Anyone? Because to me resemblance is astonishing with Paris attack. The few that have been planing this for months threw in a refugee passport to stir the hate. To fuel the conflict. Because they want for Europe to show their ugly, and we do have ugly, our past isn’t pristine one. They want the war to break in the middle of Europe, for us to suffer like middle East is suffering for years in uncertainty of war.

I hope the sanity will prevail. That we’ll remember to lessons of our past how ugly can become awful very soon. Let’s take notice to difference between those who flee war, and few who bring it wherever they go. Even if that one terrorist did hide in migrant’s crowd, if he did choose to travel their path, it was done just to smear good will of those traveling and those who are willing to take them in.