Comparison of my own writing to new trends

Changing perspectives has become one of my distinguishing features, the thing that defines my writing style. Changing genres aside, playing with different points of view is something that is permanent in my stories. Whether I engage in distant future, different realities or simplicity of love story that ignores the setting that surrounds protagonists, there is always attempt to make visible the difference between perspectives of different persons, not only in different ways of perceiving and feeling but literally different events they are witnessing. That difference often drives the plot.

Now when I started my venture into world of fiction I felt utterly original. Especially after I wrote a draft of love story from her angle, and then started the same story but from his perspective (yes its ordinary straight story with ordinary plot) because I’ve discovered that his perspective is significantly different than hers. What made me write the story all over again was the realization that he lied in the last scene of her story. That made me write his perspective. In the first go through I didn’t make it a split between her and his point of view because I considered his perspective like spoiling the tension since he likes her from the start. Going through his story proved to be more complex than through hers. In fact in retrospective her story seems like Mary Sue story because she’s a person preoccupied with others, and he in contrast is full protagonist preoccupied with his life. In the end both stories serve like contra parts to describe one complex family, which is the main focus, their love story is scarce shown through short encounters.

Other thing that became clear was that it would be hard to write their story as go between since they don’t lead parallel lives, nor is their way of perceiving similar.

When I wrote this, some time ago, I’ve considered myself quite creative thinking how I’ll call their stories Her and Him. Time had passed and that story had been brewing in my drawer and this year there’s Gray and Midnight Sun is announced and I feel a bit less than original (here I’m not discussing quality of those, nor did I read any part of those sagas, I’m just recognizing the fact of same story from different perspective).

If I lived in more frequent part of the world, or shared my project online I could indulge myself with paranoid theories, but the fact is that different points of view aren’t  anything new. We all are less than original because our stories are all leaning on the same legacy of tales and beliefs. Even more, in time I began to believe that we’re all are swimming in the same tanks of dreams from which we pull our ideas through to light.

That’s the explanation I gave myself when Tangled came out and I looked at it with awe because I had half written story of variation of Rapunzel and she ran away with a thief too, magic was involved, and she cut her hair in the end to gain new life.

Luckily I believe that world is big enough and that my versions have enough of my own insight in them to be interesting, that they are unique enough to find their place among other tales like them.

But maybe I should get a move on my latest installment since it seems I’m quite up to date with my mussing’s. Who would tell that I’ll be the one to be less than original and more in tune with her time? Not me.