Of being hit on, against to seduce. And some of anti-gay referendum of ours (that is in small country of mine).

I’ve been lately engaged in discussions about gay-rights, gay-people, gay-agenda and horrific world that agenda will bestow upon us (I’m living in a country that reserved solely a name “marriage” for woman/male union in latest referendum, but as a result got a first official gay partnerships registered which were not even spoken out loud before that infamous referendum. The end result made me more confident in Universal sense of humor since, without referendum that tried to ban gay marriage from invading our pure Catholic land, there would be no legal partnership for gay couples nor would any politician dare to poke that wasp’s nest.)

So radical movement that tried to evaporate mere existence of gay-ish things in our land, made it possible for me to even enter in those kinds of arguments with anyone. Because those who felt against gay-anything found it poor taste to even discus it, and those who felt rebellious against upbringing that informed us what to discard as worthless, stayed quiet in belief that they are in fact surrounded by homophobia that will turn rage of a crowd against them. I, like little twat rebel without sense of proper, for one published gay-ish stories in notable magazines since 2005., but no one ever engaged me with that topic.

But as referendum for reserving word marriage made its debut and successively won its Pyrrhic victory (Because although they did change constitution to have a line that says that marriage is an union of one man and one woman, they made their referendum so poorly that they managed just save copy rights to word marriage, not what it entails, opening a way for civil partnerships to be registered across the country) people start talking. Some came with their beliefs as a surprise, others were less surprising, but still, engaging into argument is still more uncomfortable and delicate than avoiding the topic.

Stirred by all that, I gave some thought into why are seemingly normal male men, with fair amount of smarts, so restrictive and enclosed towards anything gay-ish. Not just for phobic spectrum, but even for those with inclination to be pro-gay-rights.

I wondered what do they have to loose even if there is some grand gay agenda into making us to live in a gay governed world.

And all I could think of is that they are afraid of being treated like a woman. Because if sexual diversity becomes a norm they too would be hit on, complemented in most inappropriate situations, and would be praised and checked out from back and front. Their looks would probably be scrutinized and they would have to make elaborate ways of signaling, I’m not interested, to their surroundings, depriving themselves of careless browsing through the world, assuming that all men around them are just good buds, having to think only to which woman to flatter next with their grand skill of seduction.