I really think they could put some, somewhere on the covers, like in movies, a little sign that prevents women in ending up in the middle of graphic description of abuse. I mean I read books for pleasure, for entertainment, for new perspectives. Abuse that’s being used just as a side plot that explains that poor man suffering is just so outdated. It’s all over internet lately, and all fan-fics are labeled accordingly. But to pick up a book in a library became dangerous at some point. I mean to pick up a book that has acclamation and awards all over its covers and suggesting that the contents are beautiful and masterful just to enter into world of pain, death and meaningless abuse that isn’t developed in any way except that it happened and it drives her husband basically insane.

That poor man, his wife got abused as a teen, before she met him, and we should cry for his obsessiveness with the act. I’m all about changing perspectives, but come on… (maybe the whore part got to me mostly).

Beautiful and astonishing are most used words by critics.