Of borders, mobility, equality and fear.

Question of refugees and economical migrants (how most are calling them) that move along with them across old continents rises questions of equality, right to travel, fear of invasion, conspiracy theories that are so compelling that even wise men fell into doubt before their blunt logic.

It also rises the down side of our countries like hidden xenophobia and aggressiveness, but also kindness, compassion and help. The way we’re handling traveling people that had lost, or didn’t have anything to start with, really reflects on us as individuals as much as of our cultures. The migrants and refugees themselves have their own stories and motivation, they fled from war, violence, prosecution, poverty or lack of perspective, maybe some of them for the pure chance of better life. And I don’t blame them, whatever their reason might be. Because what obviously happened was avalanche effect that started with war refugees who then got the company of those who wouldn’t travel alone, but in the crowd decided to try out their luck.

But them aside, their culture is their own and their destinies will reveal themselves, should they get back at some point or find brand new place I wish them luck. What I was struck by was our own historical legacy that shows its ugly, as its beautiful face.
I was somehow surprised how old fears haunt us still. As a woman grew up in Croatia, a country that was created in a war, and more so which was for centuries the final frontier against Turkish empire, I wonder how in this brand new Millennium we still fall in combative categories of our past. Them and us.

Because we’re being compassionate towards those who faced perils of war, which we still remember vividly, we’re accused for not defending Europe against this new invasion (yes people are afraid this is invasion orchestrated by higher power, some think that is governed by Islamist extremists, for others by Europeans leaders who want cheep and new work power).

People are passing through our land with children in their arms, dogs by their side, holding only one phone they’ve managed to take with them, showing picture of their family members that were left behind and they just look ordinary, full of hope that their heroic march (which is heroic, they walked the continent like our ancestors did when they sought out new home) will bring them somewhere better.

Some are fearful that they will bring their culture upon us and smear our precious legacy mixing it with their own, or worse that they will overrun our culture and replace it.

I don’t know of that fears, diversity is something I’m greeting and am in anticipation of the same, but what I’m concerned about are iron fences that are being built around some countries beside us, and against us.

That just looks bad from any angle.

Those people are running from violent aspects of their tradition and are willing to change their place and mind to find some peace, just to face fences for wanting to cross over someone else’s terrain.

The fear that haunts me is this.

You fear that they have hidden agenda. That they hide terrorist among them. But I fear that they carry hope that will be squandered by maltreatment at their destination. What makes children cry, what makes them into angry men? Fear and injustice.

We pride in our legacy, our Christianity, but what it says about us when we close our doors saying go away, we don’t care about your trouble. Then what makes us so much better than those they are running from?

I think it should be tolerance. The one thing that allows different people to live beside each other.

You often meet the thing you fear on the path to avoid it (to paraphrase Zen or Kung Fu Panda). Reacting with fear will only result in more fearful and scary emotions that are fertile ground for resentment.

Terrorism derives its power from resentment, injustice and futile cry for change, from things that constantly repeat into our ear that we’re different, one from another.

There’s no way you’ll discourage terrorists and extremists by hosing those who run from them, by firing rubber bullets at them, by smoking them. You’ll only give them strength to show how much hypocritical we are, still under the boot of our programming that borders are real things to guard, the things that divides us by some significant key, not the random act of being born someplace.

As for some higher power that is orchestrating all this to one goal or another, I don’t really care about them. I care about the people that are running form consequences of their actions.

And for those actions, I highly doubt that there are so foresighted people with power, that could plan their actions and moves as a some random chess game to achieve outcome this big. I believe they are trying to play the big game and stop the ever-changing world to change into something that isn’t in their favor. I think that they do their biding and then try to get the most from the mess they have made.

Only thing that I hope is that world has its way of balancing itself (its sort of private religion of mine). And I do pray that we won’t once again be on the precipice of war.