Rant of choosing and deciding that something else chooses for us. It goes into gay marriage and refugees crisis, which is acute in my parts of the world, but only as a example. The choice is the thing that is in everything we do and don’t do.

Why can’t we just choose to change? Why is choosing and changing having such a bad reputation? Like it’s something that can’t last. When all that is permanent is the change.

It’s strange really how much people are willing to distance from themselves their own choices claiming them to be work of some deity, nature, science, biology, faith or pressure. It’s even stranger, when you think that insanity is a form of distancing yourself from responsibility for your own actions, declaring your mind as a place you’re not ruler of.

Responsibility is maybe to blame for reluctance in admitting any kind of choice present in our actions. Because responsibility quickly leads to blame and guilt, and we still are raised with blaming and using guilt against us, maybe even more because upbringing started rely solely on words.

But why would it be worse to be able to choose your gender, sexuality, name, faith or nation, maybe even race, than it is to be born into it? It’s like saying that only way you can be pardoned for being different, is if you’re born into it.

Isn’t the choice that thing we praise, that thing that differentiate us from other creatures (although I’m pretty sure that animals choose where to hunt and walk, how to address their surroundings, maybe you can even say that plants are choosing paths of growth that is most suitable for reaching the light)? Shouldn’t choice reflect our freedom, the ability to choose our own liking?

I understand, it’s easier to claim I was born this way, because there is no need for forgiveness or redemption, nor the repercussions. I understand, it’s a way to shield yourself from consequences of your choice. Because when you don’t chose all that comes to pass after it, is something you’re victim of, not creator of.

It’s hard to be a creator, the one responsible for your own life and doings, the one who made your life the was it was. It’s easier to remove the Creator as separated entity away from ourselves. That way we can pretend we’re safe, that we have driver at front seat, someone who has the map and knows were we’re headed to, someone in charge. That way we can sit back and enjoy the ride, cry, yell or laugh at the sights but the sight can’t touch us through the glass of the bus we’re riding on. That way we’re not the driver and we can’t influence our route. Routine is there, established and known, design to protect us from feeling of solitude, hurt or doubt. We follow it to the letter looking away from the things that are uncomfortable or shameful.

This turned into more philosophical rant and it should have been something else, something that revolves around not-so-lesbian-Desperate-Housewife and crying athlete that kisses the flag claiming her victory isn’t her own but God’s, like he practiced instead of her. But it’s something bigger.

It’s the thing they say as time passes by. You can’t change so radically now. You’re too old to change. The world can’t change. There are too many people doing the same thing for my effort of change to matter.

We celebrate marriage equality around the world (or we’re ashamed by our local patriots that set out to forbid wrong kind of marriage from happening) but we still demand proof of nature, proof that they had no choice, that they are born that way. Some of them surely are, but there are surely people who can choose and why wouldn’t they?

It’s like we’re asking of them to wow that they would be normal if they could choose. But why would they? Why wouldn’t they, we, be allowed to like it different, to be different, to make diversity?

We choose color of our hair, of our eyes sometimes, of our weight (what we want it to be), of whom to marry, whom to divorce and whom to avoid. We choose to stay where we were born, or to move away. Sometimes we run from war or poverty. Why would refugees be lesser people because they choose to stay where they were born until it became unlivable for them? Why would we shame migrants because they happened to be born in a place with lesser advantages or more aggressive cultures?

That’s of refugees. We had them many when we were in trouble, but now the refugees aren’t us so they are not welcomed. Why? Because they could endanger your standard? Because they could cause you to have one mobile phone less? Just because you’re born in a place that has advantages that doesn’t mean that you’re better, that you’re predestined to gain, earn and have things. That only means that you were lucky landing on this Earth. But after you landed, everything that happens after that is caused by your choice or the lack of it.

So when you choose will you be kind, forgiving and generous to those in need, those different or those who just have misfortune in choosing different kind of walking or talking, or will you scream at the world demanding that all the space and all the things be only yours. Think are you acting like a brat or well educated child? Because you are acting like a child. Most of us do.