Or of writing to show and tell, and writing as painting it vividly with bright colors… hm, maybe from storyteller’s view. It’s a piece that describes my journey towards editing my works rather than just admiring their awesomeness 🙂

Browsing through Literary Agencies (still just tipping my toe, still not diving in) got me through to the article about warnings and caution. The funny thing was that warnings didn’t really get to me (I still have my manuscript safely embedded into my drive) but the difference between Artsy – approach of sacred work of art that must not be touched, or heaven forbid retouched – and a Storyteller – that is trying to convey his story to the reader as understandable and easy to consume product. (The hyper-description is my own doing, the author of the article just said Artsy and Storyteller, I gave meaning into it.)

The road has been long for me and I’m still on it traveling on not sure will I get to Artsy town or Storyteller one. Maybe I’ll fall in the middle because I’ve been falling back and forth through my writing years (and less seriously painting and crafting).

Maybe problem was that I fell in love with reading through Virginia Wolf and Proust, but at the same time with Le Guin, Asimov, Clarke, Herbert, Bujold, Tolkien and Key. (Here I’m stating only the big ones, and not stating that latter ones are better or worse than former ones.)

There was a conflict inside me and my writing. I wanted to write readable, fun, easy to understand and enjoyable stories. I admired the most stories that showed new universes with what seemed effortless lightness. But I wasn’t (probably still ain’t) that kind of person. I approach life seriously underneath my often light persona. But more than that I’m a thinker, I have my topics that consume me and they always show in my writing leading to deeper sense of sorrow and discomfort than I like in my daily read.

That made me feel that I’m stuck with my kind of mind into an Artsy folder but my plots remained fun and diverse, my characters grew quirky outside of their troubles and in time I noticed that there is a space for me to grow into something readable and enjoyable. That was a good news because for full Arty approach I had way too steady plot and fun events.

boginja mora i stijelac sudbine
My painting that nicely pictures the fight on the waves between accomplishment and drowning

But before that I had to put my Artsy down and convince her that not all that falls on paper from my pen is Godly given gift that can’t be change in disrespect towards good matron Inspiration that can abandon us if we get too proud, bold and ungrateful. I gave that Artsy of mine some leave way because it was a good way to keep that awful mean Writers Block which made awful allot writers down the path to insanity and death (yes I am that kind of serious person… sometimes).

So after my Artsy came aboard there was allot of excitement in realization that things that were already written aren’t condemned in poor writing style of early years of training (there is awful allot writing required to get that pen to work properly and place sentences on the paper (yes I wrote on paper with an actual pen) smoothly and most of that writing is just plain bad). And allot of freedom in redoing things and calling first hounded pages, that I earlier called novels, drafts.

Now I think (or hope) that I’m a Storyteller ready to make the read more understandable (you wouldn’t believe just how many years it took me to accept that beginning of my first finished novel (that is currently under construction to make it readable) is confusing as hell to my readers and that only my good heartened friends would struggle to get passed it) and approachable.

kolonijalni svemir zrnato
Map of the Universe that devoured my numerous stories giving them space to make their cases more convincing in the court of destinies

But if you reached the end of this small (in my world this is a puny piece of text) post you’ll probably notice that my Artsy is still making an effort to make my sentences smooth, long and full of meaning. That’s probably good, especially if I venture back to philosophy and make my long thinking lines, that only touch the surface in my stories, more visible. Maybe then the readers will consume my lines more easily because they’ll know from which port to enter into my world to see it more clearly.