Lately I’ve been submerged in creation of whole new Universe, I have mentioned it before. Or more correctly into integrating parts of new Universe and realizing that I’ve been living with it for a very long time now. Only I haven’t realized that many of my characters are inhabiting same Universe because I didn’t have characters that were willing to travel around before.

It happened recently that I finally (after my friend gave me a task to write a romance in English, in space and that it has to have under 7000 words) found characters that are willing to move around.

You see, characters  are like beacons to me, they light up the world around them and I can see what they see. Beyond their vision there is only darkness.

It turned out that I can make custom ordered story (which I previously considered impossible), that it turned out to be a romance, which was written in English, and was set in space, but there was no chance to make it under 7000 words. It turned into a novel that is open to a new series of adventures.

I’m calling it The Trinket in Space for now and it’s set in Colonial Universe and many of my stories already written and published in Croatian turned up on its map. There will be a chronology, we’ll see things envelop from leaving Earth to establishing Colonies, making paths between different planets, explore their culture and travel some.

For me, and readers in Croatian, we explored many of planets already, me more than it was published. Even my first published novel got into that mixture (which came as a big surprise, but I was lucky enough to realize connection before publishing). But new series is set into already established Universe with safe paths through it but our characters Alyes and Lordan will manage to lost their way more than few times.

I hope I’ll manage to display them publicly soon.

Till then I’ll write some more.