There was a long time in the history of time when no Croatians went to Worldcons beyond the borders of our Shire. Then, in 2008 some brave individuals started going around, breaking borders, jumping over hedges and, more importantly, taking Parsek, the official fanzine of the Zagreb based SFera Society, in their pockets. They gave the world a glimpse of diversity that is offered in Croatian fandom. This summer they tooLook I'm herek an issue of Parsek to Loncon offering our stories to the world. My story “The Bonds of Magic “, featuring Bruno and Adele (named long before Adele conquered the world) and some dragons, was in it and now I’ve discovered that someone I have never met (from people that know me I expect appraisal) has read it and thought it good enough for a Hugo! That’s just awesome 🙂

So my advice to all you dear wanderers is to go and read Parsek through and through and find out which of us is next Hugo winner. Do they give something you can put on a shelf? If they do I should make room just in case 😀 Yes I’m just that kind of optimist. But no worries, writing is a prize for itself.