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February 2015

Universe of My Own

It finally happened, my characters spread across the space and grew themselves an universe of their own. It seems that I’m on the verge of having an universe that would be able to absorb all of my characters and worlds…. Continue Reading →

Reading Hobbit as a Bedtime Story

My children fell asleep as Thorin Oakenshield fell on the floor and I stopped reading. It was beautiful. I’m looking forward in making him get up tomorrow evening. I’ve told my share of bedtime stories so far but there’s something… Continue Reading →

I’m on Someone’s Hugo List

There was a long time in the history of time when no Croatians went to Worldcons beyond the borders of our Shire. Then, in 2008 some brave individuals started going around, breaking borders, jumping over hedges and, more importantly, taking Parsek,… Continue Reading →

Future Me

Future me is someone I don’t know someone I’ll never met but will always chase after.


As time change, our bodies rearrange The beauty that’s true is all too new to be appreciated.


Everything is dark, and everyone’s asleep I’ll write on to see, where will end this trip.

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