Just to clear up possible confusion from previous post. That’s why it’s hard to express myself in short terms. The picture is never whole.

I’m quite obsessed with the whole picture.

I am a firefly, although I don’t go surfing the net aimlessly, or reading the news, I do like to follow my shows, movies and characters. I do live in a fantasy world. I love happy endings. If I can’t get them I occasionally spend few hundred pages to explain it to myself, or to make peace with the world that gives us sour ends. I want my characters to be lovable, likable, or at least understandable.

It’s just an accident that I used metaphor that can relate to my favorite series Firefly, or is it accident. Maybe it’s a plot from my subconscious  to get my preoccupations out there. Maybe the show itself got the name predicting its short-lived destiny.

It’s a mystery of life. The one I like the most. Coincidental nature of my writing that gets sense after awhile. You just need to give it some time to grow in peace.