I would liked to know the answer to that question. But maybe that’s the wrong question. Maybe it’s a trap within itself. I know that most of my characters would fall off the chart if that question was answered.

But mostly it would get really boring really soon.

Besides that I’m considering that my writing outside my storytelling is too long, to flat, not at all adjusted to new times of internet sharing, twitter texting, it’s not exciting, not formed as a news, and again I started to post text without pictures to draw attention.

But I don’t want to draw fireflies to my writing, to steal their attention with flashing pictures or burning wit. I like to tell my story at some pace, it takes some time, I like my letters to be bulk that crowds the page owning it.

Maybe it’s a problem of me. I don’t surf jumping around from topic to topic, I don’t read news, never liked newspapers. I like my books to bee tick, long, without pictures, or with maps drawn by hand, to take me somewhere else where mythical creatures do their businesses.

I have no confidence that my writing will achieve that level of catching attention, but I do try. I try to keep my characters on course, free to act as they were their own.

So will I do as i do, tell it from many angles until I can see the picture and understand enough of it. Enough for my own curiosity.